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Research on Teaching Reform of “Higher Mathematics” under the Background of Big Data

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DOI: 10.25236/ichamhe.2023.020


Xia Lan

Corresponding Author

Xia Lan


In the context of computer information technology, the acquisition of information and data has become more rapid and convenient, and is very suitable for the field of education. At present, with the development of modern information technology and the continuous progress of educational system reform, the issue of higher mathematics education reform in China has also been put on the agenda. The reform of higher mathematics teaching in the context of big data can not only enrich teaching content, improve teaching models and methods, but also build more interesting and vivid mathematics classes, further improving teaching effectiveness. Therefore, based on the background of big data, this article analyzes the strategies for “Higher Mathematics” teaching reform, and fully utilizes the advantages of information technology.


Big data; Higher mathematics; Reform in teaching