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Discussion on the Integration and Development Trend of 5G Communication Technology and Artificial Intelligence in Smart City

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DOI: 10.25236/ichamhe.2023.013


Hu Yabo

Corresponding Author

Hu Yabo


The construction of smart cities is based on information systems and provides more convenient conditions for urban management through the application of collection and transmission technologies. With the promotion and application of 5G networks, this technology has greatly promoted the development of artificial intelligence by virtue of its advantages of high bandwidth and low latency, which provides a good environment for the rational operation of artificial intelligence technology. In this context, the construction planning of a new smart city can also be implemented. Therefore, this article conducts research on the integration and development trend of smart city 5G communication technology and artificial intelligence, hoping to provide assistance and reference for subsequent smart city construction and contribute to society.


Smart city; 5G communication technology; Artificial intelligence; Integration; Development trends