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Research on the Artistic Emotion and Expression of Clarinet Performance

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DOI: 10.25236/ichamhe.2023.012


Yan Fei

Corresponding Author

Yan Fei


At present, China’s economic strength has grown rapidly, the country has developed rapidly, and society has made continuous progress. The development of literature and art has also yielded a lot of achievements, especially in the field of music. The application of musical instruments has become more and more popular. When performing, the performer not only needs to skillfully apply various performance techniques, but also needs to invest a lot of emotion to improve the artistic level of performance, so that the audience can obtain more satisfaction through performance. As one of many musical instruments, the clarinet should not only perfectly present the emotions contained in the repertoire to the audience, but also make the audience feel the high level displayed by the performer during the performance. Therefore, this article conducts an in-depth study of the artistic emotions and expression of clarinet performance.


Clarinet performance; Artistic emotion; Expression