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Analysis on the Development of Characteristic Sports Towns from the Perspective of Industry-city Integration

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DOI: 10.25236/ichamhe.2023.011


Li Sheng, Feng Lei

Corresponding Author

Li Sheng


In recent years, the construction of characteristic towns has set off a nationwide upsurge, which has a profound impact on promoting the supply-side structural reform and the construction of new urbanization. Therefore, all regions actively promote the construction of characteristic towns in combination with their own geographical and cultural characteristics. As a member of many characteristic towns, the characteristic sports town also stands out in the construction of characteristic towns. Characteristic towns belong to emerging industries in China’s existing economic system, and the cultural and economic backgrounds of various regions also have their own characteristics. How to rely on the construction of characteristic towns to obtain corresponding economic returns, and how to effectively integrate the construction of towns with the development of various cities, so as to obtain greater economic benefits, is the top priority of the construction and development of characteristic towns. This research takes the characteristic sports town as the research object, and discusses how to take the characteristic sports industry as the core in the construction process of the characteristic sports town, and drive the new urbanization construction through the development of the characteristic sports industry. And take this opportunity to create a favorable environment for the good development of the sports industry, and strive to build a characteristic sports town that meets the needs of our people.


Industry-city integration, Characteristic sports towns, Development strategy