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The Trend and Countermeasures of Deep Integration of Artificial Intelligence and Higher Education

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DOI: 10.25236/ichamhe.2023.001


Ren Guangxin

Corresponding Author

Ren Guangxin


In future education, artificial intelligence technology can provide “navigational” services for learners’ deep learning and provide assistance for learners’ learning paths, which is an adaptive learning method. Under artificial intelligence analysis technology, personalized learning becomes possible. Artificial intelligence frees teachers from daily teaching activities. Artificial intelligence cannot completely replace teachers, but teachers who use artificial intelligence will replace teachers who do not use artificial intelligence. The combination of artificial intelligence and higher education is also an important feature of future education development. “Artificial Intelligence + Education” is causing a revolution in higher education. Artificial intelligence has now profoundly affected the development of education in China, triggering challenges in education reform and future development. How to grasp this challenge in a timely manner and provide effective policies and suggestions for the next reform of universities is crucial.


Artificial intelligence technology; Higher education; Deep integration