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New Trend of Religious Studies and Digital Humanities Research

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DOI: 10.25236/ssce.2022.057


Chen Zhang

Corresponding Author

Chen Zhang


Based on computer technology, digital humanities research comprehensively analyzes religious education, predicts and evaluates its development law and evolution trend. Religion can be spread and inherited to a certain extent in the digital humanistic environment. This paper studies the new trend of religious studies and digital humanities research, aiming to explore the way of religious development and better understand the development of religion. This paper mainly uses the methods of statistical analysis and comparison to analyze the complex network of the religion of digital humanity and obtain relevant results. The experimental data shows that the development of Buddhism and Taoism is better in China's religious teaching, because the text classification accuracy and recall rate obtained through this model are above 0.8.


Religious Theory, Digital Humanity, Trend Exploration, Digital Mining Technology