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Reflections on Mental Health Education of Left - behind Children in Rural Primary Schools

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DOI: 10.25236/aepss.2017.042


Yuan Chen

Corresponding Author

Yuan Chen


Rural children left behind are a special group in the process of urbanization and rural resources integration. As the city's living costs and education costs are relatively high, school-age children have to be left behind to accept compulsory education in rural areas. Although some children are taken care of by the temporary guardian of the blood relationship, mental health education has become the focus of the whole society because of the separation of the parents, and mental health education has become a social topic of this times. Mental health is a psychological state, which indicates the social individual is harmony with the environment and adapt to the social life .In childhood, mental health is the important content of love and intelligence education, including the maintenance of children's mental health status and the cultivation of high-level psychological quality. For the left-behind children, it is the organic combination between the conventional growth education and remedial education in the mental health education. The mental health has normal general intelligence, harmony interpersonal and adaptability.


Rural primary school, Left - behind children, mental health education.