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The Reform and Exploration of Digital Image Processing Course under the Background of Artificial Intelligence

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DOI: 10.25236/ssce.2022.049


Jun Bai, Hongmei Yan, Ying Hou

Corresponding Author

Jun Bai


Digital image processing is the theoretical basis of computer vision which is an important branch of intelligent information processing, it has been identified as the main course of artificial intelligence related majors in many universities. With the rapid development of intelligent technology, the original digital image processing course teaching exposed many problems, which deviated from the subsequent talent training program. This paper makes some preliminary exploration on the teaching content, teaching method and examination method of this course, to promote the intellectual science and technology undergraduate professional training and professional construction to provide a little advice, which is based on the talent training program of Intelligent Science and technology specialty in our college, from the angle of theory teaching and practice teaching.


Artificial Intelligence, Intelligent Science and Technology, Digital Image Processing, Teaching Reform.