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On the "Going Global" of Literary Publications from the Perspective of Translators

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DOI: 10.25236/ssce.2022.045


Shao Shuai

Corresponding Author

Shao Shuai


The "going global" strategy of culture constantly promotes the construction of national soft power, and literary published works are among the most important carriers to enhance cultural soft power and promote cultural communication. Under the support of relevant national policies, different publishing enterprises have achieved vigorous development of literary works copyright "going global" after years of exploration and practice. With the increasing frequency of publishing communication and exchanges, high-quality translation will play an important role in the export of national culture and the dissemination of published works. From the perspective of cultural turn in translation and comparative literature, this paper tends to explore how translators can tell Chinese stories well, strengthen cultural output, and contribute literary publications to play a better role in "going global".


going global, translators,literary published works, cultural turn