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Research and Exploration of Ideological and Political Construction of Communication Principle Course

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DOI: 10.25236/ssce.2022.042


Ming Zhang

Corresponding Author

Ming Zhang


Communication principle is a core professional basic course for electronic information majors. Ideological and political education in the course is an effective way to realize "knowledge imparting, ability training, value shaping", and is also an inevitable requirement to complete the fundamental task of moral education. Based on the analysis of the characteristics of communication principle course and the objectives of the ideological and political construction, this paper deeply excavates the ideological and political elements contained in the course, and gives the ideological and political construction ideas of communication principle from four aspects of teaching objectives, teaching content, teaching methods and teaching evaluation. The ideological and political construction of this course provides reference for the ideological and political teaching of electronic information professional courses.


Communication Principle, Curriculum Ideological and Political, Teaching Evaluation