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The Practice and Exploration of Curriculum with Ideology and Politics in the “Signals and Systems” Course

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DOI: 10.25236/ssce.2022.041


Hongmei Yan, Jing Wang

Corresponding Author

Hongmei Yan


Based on the concept of OBE, this paper designs the ideological and political system of the course "Signals and Systems" from the integration of teaching objectives, teaching content, teaching methods, assessment methods, course achievement evaluation and continuous improvement. The ideological and political construction of the curriculum should be carried out from the aspects of knowledge mastery, ability training and quality formation. The objective of concise ability and quality is integrated into the teaching objective of curriculum knowledge; The construction of case base, deeply digging the ideological and political elements of the course implanted in the teaching content; To explore the blended online and offline teaching method permeating ideological and political elements; Perfect knowledge, ability, quality, the trinity of assessment; According to the accreditation standards of engineering education, the course goal achievement degree is evaluated and continuous improvement is carried out. It has realized the student-centered, closed-loop course ideological and political teaching process, and has a certain guiding role in the course ideological and political construction of professional courses.


Signals and systems, Ideological and political education of curriculum, Education reform, OBE concept, Moral education