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The Educational Attention to Protect and Inherit Yi language: Revising Yi Language Textbooks by "Returning to The Local"

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DOI: 10.25236/ssce.2022.039


Ping Lan, Weiping Zhang

Corresponding Author

Ping Lan


With the development of globalization, the protection and inheritance of Yi language in Liangshan Yi Autonomous Prefecture, Sichuan Province are facing unprecedented challenges. Yi language textbooks have become an important part of protecting and inheriting Yi language. Analyzing Yi Language textbooks, observing classroom teaching and interviewing with teachers and students, I have found that current Yi Language textbooks are not conducive to truly protect and inherit Yi language, because they have many problems, such as no supporting teaching materials, unreasonable structure, and insignificant local characteristics. The main reasons are that the educational information technology is not fully utilized, students' psychological development and language ability are not well understood, and Yi Language textbooks are lack of "secondary development". In the future, we can take these following strategies to solve problems that I have mentioned. Firstly, we are able to strengthen the training of information technology application ability of rural Yi language teachers and prepare digital teaching materials. Secondly, we should deeply understand the psychological development and language ability of students, and adjust the structure of Yi Language textbooks. Thirdly, we need to properly develop the local curriculum resources in the county and improve the local adaptability of Yi Language textbooks.


rural revitalization, minority languages, language protection and inheritance, Yi language textbooks, strategies