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The Road to Happiness(‘Eudaimonia’): Aristotle's Educational Thought and Implications

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DOI: 10.25236/ssce.2022.035


Hanying Luo, Meifan Zhu

Corresponding Author

Meifan Zhu


Happiness is the ultimate pursuit of life for people throughout the ages. In his writings on ethics and politics, the ancient Greek philosopher Aristotle discussed, from the social reality of his time, that happiness is a realistic activity in accordance with virtue; that a happy life can be obtained and embodied as the unity of individual life and city-state life; and that the highest and widest happiness can be achieved only through civic education. The essence of Aristotle's happiness thought is happiness education, and his profound philosophical exposition provides important theoretical guidance for us to carry out happiness education and cultivate a correct concept of happiness today.


Aristotle; Happiness; Education; Marxist Concept of Happiness