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A Study on College English Vocabulary Teaching Based on Mobile Learning

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DOI: 10.25236/ssce.2022.029


Yuanli Liu

Corresponding Author

Yuanli Liu


In order to enlarge students’ vocabulary, this study uses mobile learning to teach college English vocabulary through convenient communication apps like WeChat and Chaoxingxuexitong. The study designed one class as the experimental class and the controlled class with 60 students of each. Some assisting tactics have been employed to the experimental class in the vocabulary mobile learning, but none for the controlled class. At the end of the semester, the experimental class and the control class were tested, and the result showed the average scores of the students in the experimental class are higher than those in the controlled class. So it can be seen that mobile learning not only helps students to master vocabulary better,but also has a significant effect on college English learning.


college English; vocabulary; mobile learning