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Exploration on Establishing Characteristic Laboratories in Universities to Serve Local Economic and Social Development in the New Era

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DOI: 10.25236/ssce.2022.028


Bolin Deng

Corresponding Author

Bolin Deng


It is an important responsibility of local universities to cultivate advanced application oriented talents for local economic construction and social development by using local advantageous resources. The key laboratories with unique local characteristics provide a favourable platform for the development of this ability. Pu'er university is located in the subtropical region, with very rich biological resources with characteristics of hot areas. In this paper, we explore the key problems of local universities in cultivating urgently needed advanced applied talents in biological resources development and serving the local economic development by building the analysis and testing laboratory for the development and utilization of biological resources with characteristics in hot areas. Finally, we summarize the practical experience of Pu'er University in this respect, and provide a demonstration role for the experimental teaching reform of local universities and the service of local economic and social development.


Local Universities, Experimental teaching, Establishment of local characteristic laboratory, Development of local economic and social