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Coping Strategy of University Public Physical Education Course under the Vision of Normal Professional Certification

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DOI: 10.25236/ssce.2022.027


Caifeng Hu, Jianqiang Wang

Corresponding Author

Caifeng Hu


In the new era,Normal professional certification are play an important measure role to ensure the quality of teacher education. It has established a three-level and five-category professional certification system, In the beginning the aim is to be promoted and implemented nationwide at the end of 2017. This paper uses the method of literature data , induction and deduction method, logical analysis and development methods to analyze the reaction and action of college physical education courses in public courses from the perspective of teachers and department administrators. It is found that the teacher of university physical education courses should always adhere to the education concept of health first, carry out the teaching design of "student center, output orientation and continuous improvement" in the fundamental task of moral education, Establish a curriculum system, set teaching objectives and select the teaching evaluation, and the management department of their majors should supervise and serve, The teachers should together with students and departments to promote the student' s ability.


Normal professional certification,College physical education courses,coping strategy