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The background of physical education reform in Colleges and universities in the new era

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DOI: 10.25236/ssce.2022.026


Juncheng Li, Jianyu Liu

Corresponding Author

Jianyu Liu


In the new era, In the education system the school work of physical education should achieve the goal of educating people for the party and for the country,It’s requires colleges and universities update their education and teaching concepts while keep peace with the same direction with The Times.This paper uses the method of literature data ,inductive and deduction.For the work of physical education in the new period of the international and domestic pattern,social development is the main contradiction in the transformation of productive and production relations into people for a better life between unbalanced transformation,information age sitting life style,education service era of national development Renaissance,competitive sports sustainable development five aspects of era background analysis,School physical education work in colleges and universities is only based on the background of The Times,A comprehensive interpretation of the country's development concept of institutions of higher learning,In order to build a new situation of sustainable development.


the new era, Physical Education Work in Colleges and Universities, historical background