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Research and Practice on Talent Training Mode in Applied Universities with Multi-subject Participation

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DOI: 10.25236/ssce.2022.025


Hongxia Wang, Xueliang Zhou, Aihua Ren

Corresponding Author

Hongxia Wang


Aiming at the problems of single subject of talent training in applied colleges, ambiguous powers and responsibilities, and insufficient integration of production and education, the talent cultivation methods of applied colleges and universities with multi-subject participation are studied in this paper. By defining the composition of multiple subjects, clarifying the relationship between multiple subjects, constructing a collaborative education mechanism in applied universities, and researching and implementing collaborative education methods, a multi-subject participation approach to talent training in applied colleges and universities is proposed, and applied to education practice, which effectively improves the students' autonomous learning and social service ability, and provides a realistic path for our country to cultivate high-level talents with both political integrity and ability.


multi-subjects, applied universities, talent training