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Research and Practice on Comprehensive Reform of Physics Specialty Construction of Applied Undergraduate Based on OBE Concept

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DOI: 10.25236/ssce.2022.024


Along Yu

Corresponding Author

Along Yu


In order to meet the increasing demand of national economy and social development for high-quality and innovative talents, the construction of majors is gradually getting the attention of colleges and universities, especially in the professional construction of application-oriented undergraduate colleges and universities. With the development of economy and society, the demand for undergraduate application-oriented talents has become very prominent. However, how to carry out professional construction in Application-oriented undergraduate colleges and universities and establish application-oriented majors that meet the needs of economy and society is a research topic with important practical significance. The Physics major occupies a very important position in colleges and universities, but based on the types of colleges and universities, the main task of application-oriented undergraduate is to cultivate application-oriented talents. It is oriented to the regional economy and society, and aims to cultivate high-quality application-oriented talents required by the economy and society. It has formed different characteristics from comprehensive universities in terms of teaching staff construction, teaching methods and experimental teaching. Taking the national first-class professional construction of physics in our university as an opportunity, combined with the application-oriented undergraduate, this paper proposes that under the concept of OBE, we should explore the professional orientation, guiding ideology, construction ideas and measures and results of the professional construction suitable for the training of application-oriented talents in physics in our university. These explorations have a good reference value for the construction of physics majors in applied universities.


OBE concept; Physics; Applied undergraduate; Construction; Reform