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Analysis on the Protection and Restriction of Short Video Copyright in the New Copyright Law

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DOI: 10.25236/ssce.2022.023


Liping Xu, Danyang Yu

Corresponding Author

Liping Xu


The "Copyright Law" revised for the third time in 2020 stipulates the types of audiovisual works and the ownership rules of copyright, and adds principles and basic provisions that constitute Reasonable use, giving more protection space for short video copyright protection. However, the complexity of the relationship between short video creators, users, and platforms makes short videos still have room for discussion on the rational use of short videos and the applicability of the "notice-deletion" rule. Based on the new "Copyright Law", explore new solutions for short video copyright protection, clarify the relationship between short video copyright owners, disseminators and users, promote the technicalization of industry platform supervision capabilities, improve industry rules and standards, and prevent "notification-deletion" Abuse of principles is an effective way to protect the rights and interests of authors and promote the wide dissemination of short video works.


New "Copyright Law", Short Video Copyright, Reasonable Use, "Notice-Block" Rule