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A study on the influence of Physical education courses on female college students' Body self-esteem—Take Yunnan University as an example

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DOI: 10.25236/ssce.2022.020


Jing Yuan

Corresponding Author

Jing Yuan


In the face of the continuous psychological problems of college students, domestic and foreign scholars and experts take physical exercise as a means to intervene in the treatment of mental illness, research has proved that physical exercise has a positive effect on mental health, different physical exercise can produce different psychological effects of exercise.This paper analyzes the four artistic performance sports courses of flower ball cheerleading, sports dance, aerobics and aerobics set up by Yunnan University, selects non-sports major female students who choose these four courses independently as the research object, and uses the Body Self-esteem Scale (PSPP) to test the students. Therefore, we should explore the influence of the same group and different characteristics of artistic expression sports courses on the improvement and enhancement of female college students' physical self-esteem, promote the extensive development of artistic expression sports courses in colleges and universities, promote the reform of physical education in colleges and universities, and promote and improve the psychological cognitive ability of college students.


school physical education, physical education courses of artistic expression, body self-esteem, female college students