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Research on Face Recognition Technology Based on Computer Neural Network

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DOI: 10.25236/iceeecs.2018.012


Min Tu

Corresponding Author

Min Tu


Face recognition undergoes three stages of full reliance on artificial, human-computer interaction, and machine automatic recognition, free from the initial recognition of a single frontal grayscale image to the development of three-dimensional face recognition on the basis of research on multi-pose face recognition with the realization of dynamic face recognition as a carrier, and achieves certain results. In China, although face recognition technology started late, it has developed rapidly and received strong support from the country. At present, many universities and research institutes in China have very good research foundations in the field of image processing and pattern recognition, and have actively carried out basic research on human biometric recognition technology including face recognition, and have achieved good results. Research results show that in the near future, China's research in this field will enter the world's advanced ranks. Face recognition is one of the most classical problems in the field of identification. At present, there are many solutions and good experimental results obtained. However, a general-purpose face recognition system that can be practically applied and used for arbitrary backgrounds and arbitrary gestures has not yet appeared. Therefore, face recognition goes into the application field to improve the effectiveness of the extracted facial features and classifier optimization, and etc.


Face recognition neural network, computer.