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Refactoring analysis of Modular course system for electrical automation technology under the '1+X' certificate system

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DOI: 10.25236/ssce.2022.014


Xiaochun Liu, Dan Li, Lei Zhang

Corresponding Author

Xiaochun Liu


The promulgation of the ‘1 + X’ certificate system has put forward new requirements for the cultivation of talents in vocational colleges, which will surely promote the reform of the content of employment-oriented vocational education courses and catalyze the restructuring of the curriculum system.The paper introduces the implementation background of the ‘1 + X’ system and the status quo of the ‘Course certificate’ docking of electrical automation major in higher vocational colleges. Taking the"X" certificate for the installation of electric equipment in rail transit as an example, this paper analyzes the requirements of the assessment standards. Finally, the paper studies the reorganization plan of the modular curriculum system of the electrical automation specialty.


‘1 + X’certificates; electrical Automation major; Curriculum system