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Parallel Training: From Dispersed Training Information System to Intelligent Integration Training Operation System

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DOI: 10.25236/ssce.2022.013


Miao Li, Jing Wang, Yuan Zhuang

Corresponding Author

Miao Li


This paper aims to propose an solution for intelligence training, that is, parallel training operation system based on parallel system theories. It is hoped that the solution can be adapt to modern international Enterprise training with the characteristic of intelligence management and smart operation. The idea of virtual and real interaction has been adopted in this paper. We constructed a new generation intelligence integrated training system by building cyber physical social system (CPSS) that highlights people and their social factors as the infrastructure. Besides, some other process also had been used including of artificial scene, computational experiments, as well as parallel execution, which has been sum up ACP parallel intelligence theory. Taking an training center of large scale as an example, in this paper , first we pointed out the shortcomings for current information systems of training basement and proposed the concept of intelligence operating training system with the function that unified all of resource in logical way. And then, in the application layer of the system, based on the ACP theory, intelligence operating mode with the function of virtual and real interaction had been constructed. By this mode, the aim of closed loop, feedback and precise convergence could be final realized. In the end, with a case study of an real training center, we provided the system design and implementation method, which confirmed the feasibility and practicability of the intelligence operating training system proposed in this article.


Intelligent, training, parallel theory, operation system