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Intelligent Display Bracket Based on Ali Cloud IoT Platform

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DOI: 10.25236/ssce.2022.001


Chengbang Lu, Xiaohua Li

Corresponding Author

Chengbang Lu


This work proposes a display stand based on the Ali cloud IoT platform, combined with esp8266 master control chip control, utilizing the Ali cloud IoT platform as an MQTT server, using Wi-Fi, hardware for data transmission, by publishing and subscribing to mobile terminals, to accomplish wireless control of fixed display stand, solve the user to keep a fixed posture facing the screen for a long time, manually adjust the display problem, and enhance efficiency. Following testing, the system may steadily adjust the location of the mobile monitor as required. Control the gadget with a WeChat applet for some degree of practicality, ease, and promising application.


Display bracket; WeChat applet; Wireless control; ESP8266; Ali Cloud IoT Platform