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Application and Research of Edible Plants in Urban and Rural Green Space Planning—A Case Study of Luoping County

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DOI: 10.25236/eiemss.2022.033


Liu Shan, Zhang Xin, Yang Fan

Corresponding Author

Liu Shan


At present, the problem of urban disaster avoidance is increasingly concerned by the whole society. Serious urban disasters not only cause the destruction of buildings and structures, but also cause other secondary disasters or derivative disasters. Luoping County belongs to Qujing City, Yunnan Province. Taking Luoping County as an example, this paper makes a field survey of 6 townships in 4 towns and 3 streets in Luoping County, and comprehensively discusses the application of edible plants in urban and rural green space planning by using various methods. In this paper, the application of families, genera and species, and the application of edible plant families, genera and species in disaster-avoiding green space in Luoping County were analyzed. Based on the research results, some opinions and suggestions are put forward: relevant personnel should pay attention to the excavation and promotion of edible garden plant resources in disaster-avoidance green space, and pay attention to the combination of disaster-avoidance green space plant application, so as to maximize the comprehensive function and landscape of disaster-avoidance green space plants. In order to provide some reference for the application of urban green space plants to avoid disasters.


Urban and rural green space planning; Green space for disaster avoidance; Edible plant