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A Contrastive Study of Chinese and Western Euphemism in the Cross-Cultural Communication

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DOI: 10.25236/eiemss.2022.029


Jingrui Wang

Corresponding Author

Jingrui Wang


Euphemism, as a linguistic phenomenon, has always been widely concerned by cross-cultural researchers at home and abroad. Euphemism has a long history and can reflect many aspects of a country, such as religion, hierarchy, values and so on. This paper will start with the classification and origin of Chinese and Western euphemisms, then describe different functions and ways of use, reasons of the difference between Chinese and Western euphemisms and the importance of euphemisms. This is conductive to enhancing English learners’ understanding of Western ideology, economy, culture and other aspects, avoiding unnecessary misunderstanding, so as to improve cross-cultural communication ability.


Euphemism, English culture, Chinese culture, Contrast, Cross-cultural communication