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Female Gaze in “a Rose for Emily”

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DOI: 10.25236/eiemss.2022.020


Ximeng Wang

Corresponding Author

Ximeng Wang


As one of Faulkner's most famous works, “A Rose for Emily” has profound literary value and ideological connotation. This paper will discuss the novel from the perspective of feminist criticism. It will focus on the analysis of Emily's “female gaze”, and analyze the gender, class, ideology and other factors involved in Emily's “female gaze”. This paper will firstly analyze the influence of gender factors on gaze behavior and leads to the concept of “female gaze”. Then, taking Emily’s father’s death as a turning point, this paper will analyze Emily's awakening of female subject consciousness and her psychological flow of sexual characteristics, so as to show a psychological basis of androgyny. Finally, it will analyze the performance of Emily’s “female gaze” and her different gaze attitudes towards different people around her due to social factors.


Emily, Patriarchy, Gaze, Feminism, Androgyny