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Application Analysis of Social Media Platforms in Automobile Brand Marketing

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DOI: 10.25236/eiemss.2022.009


Jiyao Yang

Corresponding Author

Jiyao Yang


The influence of social media on the marketing structure makes brand marketing more dependent on information dissemination, social networks, value sharing, and other functions. Automotive brand marketing in the digital marketing era should pay attention to the importance of social media and build a consumer-centric digital marketing strategy. This paper points out that automobile brands can achieve brand marketing by establishing and strengthening brand positioning, increasing the interaction of end consumers, optimizing brand SEO management, and exerting the KOL marketing effect. However, there are still some problems in automobile brand marketing, such as isolated data islands, extensive investment, and lack of interactive effect. The article also puts forward appropriate protection measures, hoping that brand marketing can help automobile companies fully reap the benefits of digital and social media marketing.


Digital marketing; Social media; Automobile marketing; Brand marketing