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Research on the Teaching Reform Path of Preschool Education Based on Practical Teaching

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DOI: 10.25236/eiemss.2022.002


Tong Yanhua

Corresponding Author

Tong Yanhua


With the attention of the country to preschool education, the teaching of preschool education in colleges and universities shows a trend of continuous development and innovation. Training excellent preschool teachers is an important goal of preschool education reform in colleges and universities. The Ministry of Education clearly requires that the comprehensive quality and teaching ability of preschool teachers should be improved, and practice should be taken as the guidance to obtain the ability to improve themselves and improve themselves, and strengthen the teaching level of preschool education. Based on practical teaching, this paper deeply analyzes the current situation and problems of preschool education, and puts forward comprehensive and targeted solutions, hoping to help preschool education improve the quality of practical teaching and cultivate more practical talents.


Practical teaching; Preschool education; reform in education