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Effects of Early Iron Deficiency on Brain Development in Children and its Prevention and Treatment Progress

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DOI: 10.25236/ieesasm.2022.063


Xin Yuqi

Corresponding Author

Xin Yuqi


Iron deficiency is a very common nutritional deficiency that endangers children's health, with high morbidity among pregnant women and preschool children. Among all the outcomes caused by iron deficiency, the damage of early iron deficiency on brain development in children has received extensive attention. A large number of studies have shown that early iron deficiency affects the development of sensorimotor, cognitive behavior, language and social emotion by regulating the expression of genes and proteins, changing brain structure, neurotransmitter function and neurometabolism. At present, the mechanism of brain development damage caused by childhood iron deficiency is still unclear, and it is urgent to find effective intervention measures. This article overviews the effects of iron deficiency in early life on brain development, reiterates the importance of preventing iron deficiency in early life, and puts forward the prevention and treatment measures of iron deficiency, which provide scientific basis for the research on early iron deficiency and brain development.


Children; Iron deficiency; Brain development; Treatments