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Application and Research of Present Plants Based on Urban and Rural Green Space System Planning—A Case Study of Luoping County

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DOI: 10.25236/ieesasm.2022.061


Liu Shan, Wen Xiaohong, Yang Fan

Corresponding Author

Liu Shan


The planning of urban and rural green space system is to make a qualitative, positioning and quantitative overall arrangement for various urban and rural green spaces, to form a green space system with reasonable structure, so as to realize the ecological protection, recreation, leisure, social and cultural functions of green space. Plants are the most important part of urban and rural green space system. Based on this, this paper takes Luoping County as an example to conduct a field survey of garden plants in parks, protection, ancillary (roads, communities, units) and other types of green spaces in Luoping County, and discusses the relevant issues of garden plant application based on urban and rural green space system planning. This paper introduces the regional overview and research methods of Luoping County, analyzes the current situation and growth habits of landscape plants in Luoping County, the applied families and genera of landscape plants, the extensive application and growth of landscape plants, and the ornamental characteristics of landscape plants. At the same time, based on the research results, it proposes to strengthen publicity and education and improve the awareness of participation in protection; Suggestions on scientific and rational development and utilization.


Urban and rural green space; Garden plants; Luoping County