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Research on the Goal Setting of College Physical Education Teaching Driven by the New Curriculum Reform

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DOI: 10.25236/ieesasm.2022.060


Bin Huang

Corresponding Author

Bin Huang


Compared with the previous college PE(physical education) curriculum objectives, the new curriculum reform PE curriculum objectives enrich many new contents, concretize some original abstract requirements, and enhance the operability of the curriculum objectives. Therefore, PE must straighten out the relationship of all links, reflect the harmony of PE, and fully promote the development of students. Through the analysis of the present situation of the teaching objectives of college PE, this paper puts forward the basic framework of the teaching objectives system of college PE driven by the new curriculum reform. The author thinks that the teaching goal of PE in colleges and universities is consistent with the goal of talent cultivation in China. The goal of PE is a complex system composed of many related contents. Different types of PE teaching objectives have different characteristics.


New curriculum reform; Physical education teaching; Teaching objectives