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On the Elements of Development Success

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DOI: 10.25236/ieesasm.2022.056


Siyou Zhang, Xiaokun Cai, Jiajia Zhang, Qizheng Li, Cailan Li

Corresponding Author

Siyou Zhang


Development in today's world is a major issue facing all countries. Development is the hard truth and the golden key to solve all conflicts. The purpose of this article is to explore questions such as how a country's development succeeds and what elements it depends on. By analyzing the historical evolution and logical causes of Chinese society, the article identifies five major elements of successful national development. They are: whether there is scientific theoretical guidance, firm ideals and beliefs, strong organizational advantages, a solid mass foundation and a thorough spirit of self-revolution. By exploring the historical causes and logical basis of these five elements, the article argues for the historical inevitability of China's successful development and the future inevitability of great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation.


Development, Success, Elements, Inevitability