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Bottleneck and Development of Government Public Sector from the Perspective of Performance Management

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DOI: 10.25236/ieesasm.2022.054


Mengxi Zhao

Corresponding Author

Mengxi Zhao


Public performance management is a new category of public management and an innovative practice of public sector management. In China, with the in-depth development of the efficiency construction of administrative organizations, performance management has become an effective tool to promote the management level of public departments, especially local government departments, and has been widely utilized and popularized in the management of public departments in China. At present, an indispensable topic of public sector reform is to improve the service quality and work performance of the public sector. From the macro level, the bottleneck of public sector performance management in China is mainly mirrored in the internal institutional foundation and the external social environment. The current situation continues to require t the content of performance management in China's public institutionsto be more and more standardized. With continuous practice and theoretical research, we can master different models and technologies in different fields, and at the same time urge the public management departments to further understand and pay more attention. Performance management will vitally function in China's current and future economic and social development and the improvement of public sector efficiency.


Public sector, Performance management, Kpi, Evaluation system