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Research on Mental Health Problems of Employees in Z Area in the Post-Epidemic Era

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DOI: 10.25236/ieesasm.2022.053


Wenyan Xu, Liuxiang Zhou

Corresponding Author

Liuxiang Zhou


In the post-epidemic period of normalization of prevention and control, the new crown pneumonia has a significant impact on the resumption of work and production and the overall social economy due to its transmissibility, repetition, and variability, which has brought new challenges to the mental health of employees. How to integrate psychological assistance and social work services into the overall work of epidemic prevention and control for deployment, further build a grassroots social psychological service platform for local urgent problems or combine local needs, improve the mental health service network of employees, and standardize the psychological services of enterprise employees is of great significance to solving the mental health problems of enterprise employees and promoting the development of the new economy. Taking Zone Z as an example, this paper discusses the three causes and three solutions to the mental health problems of employees in the post-epidemic period, and shows excellent service practices.


Post-pandemic period, Employee mental health, Psychological services