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The Impact of Content Heterogeneity on the Process of Science Communication: We Media under the Pandemic

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DOI: 10.25236/ieesasm.2022.051


Zhao Sikun, Zhen Tian, Wang Yijin

Corresponding Author

Wang Yijin


Previous studies did not subdivide science communication content, and different popular science content has completely different communication logic. We Media also plays different roles in communicating different popular science content. This article will use the COVID-19 pandemic as an example to introduce how We Media spreads popular science content with different roles. This paper argues that the content of science communication significantly impacts the process of science communication. Science communication content can be divided into empirical science, policy interpretation, and emotional catharsis. And the position or ideology can influence the communication process, which can be reflected in the tension between the government and We Media. At the same time, according to science communication content, this paper also distinguishes the vertical We Media, the hot comment We Media, and the organizer. Finally, this paper combs the analytical framework of government, the media, and the public.


Science communication, We media, Traditional media, Ideology