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An Empirical Study on Fertilizer Utilization Efficiency of Major Crops in the South under the Background of “Double Reduction”--Jiangxi Province as an Example

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DOI: 10.25236/ieesasm.2022.050


Kailing Cui, Sijia Cheng, Ziying Xie, Xing Cheng

Corresponding Author

Kailing Cui


Based on the requirements of the general environment of “double reduction and efficiency increase”, we investigated and evaluated the current situation of fertilizer utilization efficiency in Jiangxi Province, and then promoted the double reduction and efficiency increase of fertilizer in Jiangxi Province. By studying the statistical data of fertilizer application for major crops in 11 cities of Jiangxi Province from 2015 to 2020, we introduced fertilizer consumption to assist in measuring the efficiency of fertilizer utilization, and also divided the high and low levels of fertilizer consumption through hierarchical cluster analysis to study regional differences. In general, Jiangxi is a late province in the country to implement fertilizer reduction, and the intensity of fertilizer application is still at a high level; the double reduction of fertilizer in eleven cities is more effective, and most municipalities have implemented the double reduction work; the fertilizer consumption of cash crops in the province is higher than that of food crops, and the fertilizer consumption of major crops is still increasing, and half of the province is still in the middle and high input level areas, and the effect of fertilizer reduction is not so ideal. It is recommended that municipalities focus on reducing the intensity of fertilizer application and examine the underlying reasons for the higher fertilizer intensity than other municipalities, while implementing optimal strategies in light of the actual situation, such as limiting fertilizer inputs to cash crops or encouraging regional planting structure adjustment.


Fertilizer, Utilization efficiency, Fertilizer bias productivity, Fertilizer consumption, Assessment, Jiangxi province