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Research on the Integrated and Innovative Development of Tourism Industry in the Context of “the Belt and Road Initiatives” -- Taking Hunan Traditional Handicraft Intangible Heritage as an Example

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DOI: 10.25236/ieesasm.2022.040


Wenxing Yu

Corresponding Author

Wenxing Yu


Hunan has a complete range of intangible cultural heritage projects with various types and unique characteristics. It is a major intangible cultural heritage province. Among the many intangible cultural heritage projects, Hunan’s traditional handicrafts intangible cultural heritages have been effectively developed on the basis of preservation and protection. They have made achievements in inheriting and revitalizing traditional handicrafts and established a relatively complete industrial development system. However, the overall tourism development of Hunan’s traditional handicrafts intangible cultural heritage is still in the preliminary stage of tourism crafts production and sales. The integrated development of intangible cultural heritage and tourism needs to change from the tourism commodity development model to the festival tourism model and the intangible cultural heritage + tourism model.


Traditional handicrafts, Intangible cultural heritage, Tourism development