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A Comparison of National Characteristics of Chinese and Japanese Art Songs in the Early 20th Century

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DOI: 10.25236/ieesasm.2022.039


Yao Min

Corresponding Author

Yao Min


In the early 20th century, Japanese school songs and Chinese school songs movement flourished, opening a new page in music industry in the two countries. After the initial learning stage, Chinese and Japanese composers began to creatively use the techniques from western musicians, and constantly absorb the nutrition of traditional culture of themselves, and write a large number of artistic songs with distinctive characteristics of their nation. The development of Chinese and Japanese art songs in the early 20th century experienced a very similar process, showing the artistic characteristics of the same Oriental Han cultural circle. However, due to different historical, political and cultural backgrounds, they show different national characteristics at the consciousness, the use of sound and poetry, musical structure and techniques in art songs.


Art songs in the early 20th century, National characteristics, Comparative study, Art songs