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Discussing Classroom Management Techniques and Efl Learning Scaffolding in Lexis Lesson

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DOI: 10.25236/ieesasm.2022.035


Niu Xuejing, Hu Lerong

Corresponding Author

Hu Lerong


Classroom management is a significant part of the English as foreign language (EFL) classroom to build an effective learning environment. Scaffolding is the basic method in the second language (L2) teaching procedures to guide teachers. Giving instructions and pair work monitoring are two aspects of classroom management that share the same goal: keep the lesson under the teacher’s control and reach the lesson's aim. Effective instructions and monitoring could encourage scaffolding, help students cooperate with the teacher, and undertake their tasks through peer interactions. Different features and techniques of introduction and monitoring are discussed in this article, and we suggest educators choose appropriate methods to build a positive EFL learning atmosphere.


Classroom management, Scaffolding, Second language teaching, Second language learning