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Research on the Construction and Teaching Application of Animation Special-Purpose English Corpus

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DOI: 10.25236/ieesasm.2022.029


Rongjian Li

Corresponding Author

Rongjian Li


There are a few English teaching materials for animation majors that have been issued, and each has its own advantages, both common and individual. However, there are still problems such as outdated text selection, different levels of difficulty, monotonous writing form, and lack of supporting resources for teaching materials. The selection of the teaching materials should be closely related to the basic knowledge of animation, introduce professional cutting-edge information, and the degree of difficulty should be progressive, taking into account the needs of learners in different professional directions. This corpus is favored by foreign language learners at home and abroad for its richness and authenticity, fast and convenient retrieval. Foreign language teaching has always been criticized for its high investment cost but little output. This paper comprehensively introduces the application of an animation special-purpose English corpus in English teaching, especially in vocabulary, writing and translation teaching. With the help of the corpus, it can improve students' familiarity and cognition of English expressions, improve their language use ability and summary ability, so as to improve students' ability to use and summarize the language, to a certain extent, the teaching effect can be improved.


Animation, English for special purposes, Corpus, Teaching English