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Innovative Strategies for the Media Economy in the Era of New Media

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DOI: 10.25236/ieesasm.2022.028


Jiaya Jin

Corresponding Author

Jiaya Jin


The advent of the new media era has provided a new environment for the innovative development of the media economy, but the dissemination of media information has also caused a certain impact on the development of the media economy. The rise of new media platforms has brought stronger interactivity, faster communication speed and more diverse data services to information dissemination. More and more people started to pay attention to media information. Additionally, the media industry has a bigger market and more room to grow through time and space. In the age of new media, conventional media should take use of the opportunities available, combine market need with technological advancement, innovate, and grow based on adhering to objective laws. The media economy's growth will become more crucial as a result, opening almost limitless opportunities for it to flourish.


Media economy, New media, Innovative strategies