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Practical Research on the Integration of Specialty and Innovation and Entrepreneurship Based on Professional Associations

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DOI: 10.25236/ieesasm.2022.026


Haokun Guo

Corresponding Author

Haokun Guo


In recent years, the cultivation of college students' innovation ability has gradually become an inevitable requirement for the connotation construction of higher vocational colleges. However, most vocational college students have poor independent learning ability, so an effective learning carrier and a scientific and regular theory are more needed to promote the cultivation of vocational college students' innovation and entrepreneurship ability. After years of practice, science and technology professional associations in higher vocational colleges can serve as an effective carrier for students to learn, and in professional associations, it is a reasonable and feasible method to use TRIZ theory to cultivate the innovation ability of higher vocational students. Through practical research in this paper, it shows that taking professional associations as a platform and TRIZ theory as a starting point can effectively combine students' professional education with innovation and entrepreneurship education. So as to achieve the good effect of “integrating innovation and entrepreneurship education into professional education, and integrating professional education into innovation and entrepreneurship education”.


rofessional associations, Innovation ability, Triz theory, Practice, Integration of specialty and innovation and entrepreneurship