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Analysis of Factors Influencing School Choice Behavior in Private Colleges and Universities—An Empirical Study Based on Student Groups

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DOI: 10.25236/ieesasm.2022.024


Yanan Fan

Corresponding Author

Yanan Fan


The development of private education has been highly valued and supported by the state, and due to the increasingly fierce competition in higher education, especially the competition for students poses a challenge to the survival and development of private colleges and universities. The purpose of this paper is to study the factors that influence students to choose private colleges and universities to attend, and to conduct a questionnaire survey on the freshmen of the class of 2020 in three private colleges and universities in mainland China. The results show that the brand communication of private colleges and universities affects the brand support behavior of private colleges and universities by enhancing students' personal development expectations, and that the recommendation of others has a direct impact on students' formation of brand trust in private colleges and universities and whether they choose to enroll in them. The study finds that “brand trust” is the core element that private universities need to improve at this stage. The study on brand support behavior of private colleges and universities proves that private colleges and universities should design targeted communication methods to enhance the trust of candidates and parents, and should also help students shape their future development blueprints. They should try to establish a beneficial and long-lasting brand communication mechanism, so as to enhance the attractiveness of private universities' brands to students.


Private college branding, College brand communication, Factors influencing school selection, Brand trust