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Philosophy Has to Provide a Fake World View

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DOI: 10.25236/ieesasm.2022.023


Yong Duan

Corresponding Author

Yong Duan


Everyone thinks that only the scientific world view is correct, but the discussion of this paper will prove that the value of this kind of world view is very limited. We need a fake but more valuable metaphysical world view. In the world view of science and Materialism, it can be said that there is only matter, with no place for human and consciousness, all human culture and civilization are smaller than dust. The metaphysical world view should completely change this picture, making thought products like concepts and theories bigger than the objective world. The subjective world and the objective world should form a mutually inclusive dialectical unity relationship. The world view of philosophy is the world view of value, but not the real world view. The contents on the architectural drawings are fake and non-existent in the begining, but very important. Objective things can not directly affect people's decision-making. The philosophical world view should describe the world that affects decision-making. Abstractlaws and generalities exist only in the mind. Compared with a specific conclusion, the Abstractmajor premise has greater value. Philosophical world view should be the logical starting point, the biggest premise, of all theoretical deduction. The pyramid of theory is built to know why.


Ontology, World view, Metaphysics, Decision-making, Hegel