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Tesol Methodology and Curriculum Design

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DOI: 10.25236/ieesasm.2022.020


Linzhi Shao

Corresponding Author

Linzhi Shao


In today's rapidly globalizing world, English is still the most commonly used language for international communication. English teaching remains very important in the Chinese education industry. Various foreign language schools and international departments of elementary school face many choices in English teaching materials. For the KET test, the Cambridge Primary Path curriculum is particularly important. Therefore, this paper analyzes the level of demand for the materials in terms of purpose, procedure, and analysis of survey results, and deciphers the scenarios in which the materials are used in order to locate the purpose and target population for their use. Finally, a multifaceted interpretation of the material is presented in order to provide readers with a deeper understanding of the material and the course, and thus to help young English learners.


English learning, Efl, Need analysis, Course design and analysis, International english language test