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Analysis of Influencing Factors and Future Development of Main Theme Film Market Based on Structural Equation Model

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DOI: 10.25236/ieesasm.2022.019


Haodong Pan, Zikang Liu

Corresponding Author

Haodong Pan


The theme film is an indispensable type of Chinese film market in the 21st century, and studying its influencing factors is an important way to promote the further development of the theme film market in the future. Therefore, based on literature review and field investigation, this paper establishes structural equation model from three dimensions: individual, industry and society. Thirdly, this paper selects college students as the investigation object, distributes and collects 4240 questionnaires, tests the reliability and validity of the sample data, and further fits and corrects the model. Finally, the optimization model and path coefficient are calculated, and the relationship between influencing factors is explored, so as to make suggestions for the future development of the main melody film market.


Main melody film market, Structural equation, Path analysis