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Review of the Co-Relations between Economic Factors and International Power Status

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DOI: 10.25236/ieesasm.2022.015


Xinyi Ren

Corresponding Author

Xinyi Ren


In a state of international anarchy, power status is not only highly relevant to national interests, but also is the fundamental dynamic of the international interactions and the general mechanism of international relations. Although different academic schools have their own emphasis, however, the material resources in the power status are consistently testified in terms of value and function. In the current great power competition situation, the economic factors in the foundation of material power have gradually become the preferred option of strategic investment and even the superior choice of wining the great power competition. In theory and practice, the analysis of the economic capability is handled with a pervasive modus operandi which mainly focuses the scale and total sum. However, compared with more profound and comprehensive methods such as power analysis combined with economic development cost and structure of international division of labor, the method of examining economic capability by economic aggregate may neglect the non-convertibility of economic factors, multi-calculation of the economic aggregate, and paradoxes with historical cases.


Great power competition, Power status, International division of labor, Information technology, International finance