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Analysis of Application of Persuasion Principles by the Influencers in the Live-Streaming Commerce on Douyin–Take Chimu Gangxian and Sam Chak as Examples

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DOI: 10.25236/ieesasm.2022.014


Lecan Ouyang

Corresponding Author

Lecan Ouyang


As a new form of e-commerce, in recent years, live-streaming commerce has been accepted by more and more people, which shows great potential and economic effect in Chinese e-commerce market, so Chinese live-streaming market has also developed to a high level. As a form of sales, the use of persuasion principles must be indispensable in the process of live-streaming commerce. Using content analysis of two influencers’ communication behaviors in their live-streaming shows, this research studies how these influencers and their teams use persuasion principles in their live-streaming shows to affect consumers’ purchase intentions and finds that most of the persuasion models are used in live-streaming commerce, except consistency. This research studies a new form of consumption that has sprung up in China in recent years, providing theoretical analysis basis and improvement suggestions, helping influencers improve their communication behaviors, and helping consumers shape their rational shopping mind to prevent impulsive consumption. At the same time, for those countries where live-streaming commerce has not yet appeared or become the mainstream, this study can provide some good examples of how persuasion principles are used in live-streaming commerce system.


Douyin, Live-streaming, Persuasion principles, E-commerce, Influencers